Gwen Shamblin Lara was used by God through her personal example and ministry to make a difference in millions of lives around the world.

Please share how God used Gwen to make a difference in your life. We invite you to share your memories and stories so friends and family can see the enormous impact that Gwen had on so many of your lives.

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    I cannot believe she went home to be with Jesus already! In 2000, after suffering a lifelong struggle with depression and being overweight, along with being in a domestic violence marriage and having a son diagnosed with a rare heart and lung disease, I was a mess! Someone in our church had stood up and given testimony about Weigh Down and how it wasn't just another diet plan but a lifestyle that brought you closer to God. I searched for it, and I got enrolled in a class, and my life changed. I found out that God wanted me to have a real relationship with Him rather than my fridge and food. Her genuine love for people and God showed in everything she did. Gwen never made anyone feel like a lesser person and made people feel valuable. She continues to make a difference in my life as I remember her words from out of Egypt.


    My entire life has been impacted and changed. Gwen taught me to open my Bible and apply what I learned to my life. I praise God for Gwen!!!!


    The first time I heard Gwen preach was in 2001. The first sentence she spoke still impacts my life today. I think of it often. She held up the Bible and said, "if you revere this book, you'll do what it says". In the years following, I watched her not only preach it but live it out…every single day…especially when she thought no one was looking. She became a family friend and mentor. We loved her dearly.


    Gwen exemplified servant hearted leadership and so purely and encouragingly exampled what a relationship with God could be like. My family and I are forever indebted to carry on the love for God and each other that she shared so well. She was not just a best friend and mentor but also the voice of loving truth that this world so deeply needs.


    I started coordinating Weigh Down classes in 1997, and I experienced great success with laying down the sin in my life by following the godly principles taught in Weigh Down. Gwen not only taught the Truth she explained how to put the Truth into practice, and that Truth is paramount for living a life pleasing to God, and it produced much godly fruit and blessings in my life - my marriage was now better, all my relationships were better, my overall health was better, because I lost over 100 pounds putting Weigh Down principles into practice. I love Gwen for telling me the Truth and for teaching me how to put God's will into practice, and for that I am eternally grateful to God and Jesus Christ.


    I just found Gwen again. I did one of her workshops in 1996 I was not ready, and I put away a binder I had from that workshop. I had gastric bypass surgery in 2005 lost 90 pounds and gained most of it back, then lost another 77 pounds in 2015 and gained most of it back. I saw her book in a thrift store and remembered something about it. I came home and went in my storeroom and found the binder I had in 1996. I believe Gwen was given a gift from God to help so many. She was such an amazing woman. God knows how many lives Gwen changed for the better and helped them get closer to God. I pray that everyone sees the truth of who she was, an amazing woman of God. I am going to continue on with her teachings. I know it will work. Thank you, Gwen. You will be missed!


    I was morbidly obese for most of my life, going on diets all throughout my childhood and into adulthood. I lost over 100 pounds multiple times, only to gain it back rapidly each time. I praise the Almighty God for Gwen Shamblin Lara and her life. She selflessly shared her relationship with God with all of us and taught me how to put food in its proper place and to worship God and His Son Jesus Christ. I lost 120 pounds 15 years ago and have never regained it. I now turn to God with my problems, and I thank God for my joy! Without Gwen and her teaching, I shudder to think of what my life would have become. She gave her life to God, and He reached out, and continues to reach out, to all of us through the words He gave her. I am a walking, talking miracle because of her influence and love in my life.


    Gwen has been an inspiration to me since I bought her first book. I would go up and down with my weight, but as soon as I would go up by about 15 pounds, I would grab her book and start reading and the pounds would come off. Gwen really got me to read my Bible more and just stop eating when I’m full. I have learned so much from her. And she will be missed. She is and was a disciple for our Lord. God bless you, Gwen.


    It's been 25 years since I took all three workshops in my early to mid-twenties. To this day I still remember your advice that anything we run to besides God for comfort will never love us back. Your ever-present voice of reason that replayed in my head all these years had ALWAYS kept me out of trouble and guided me on a path towards God rather than idols. Thank you for being one of the most influential spiritual teachers of my life.


    I only have a story from the outside. I'm a Christian and have not had dealings with her church or her. I greatly appreciate her work to get God into the thoughts of those that have fallen away or were lost to faith. She used a unique way to bring God into people’s lives. I don't care how she did it and I think God will appreciate the fact she brought some of his lost children back. I'm so sorry for her loss.
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